[cries but also keeps eyeliner intact]

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I took this picture yesterday at the red carpet for the APMAs. It’s not the best, but please don’t repost it. 

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I've come to you about problems before and ily cause you're great and so nice. I just had my baby so no sex for 6 weeks. 4 more to go and it's killing me. But I've been giving hubby blowjob almost everyday and was wondering if you could give me tips on ways to make it better or change it up Idk I don't want him to get bored and used to the way I do it since I do it so often now.

hiya!!! nice to hear from you again!!!
i really hope that everything’s going well for you
try dressing up. thats an easy one! whether its just extra cute underwear or a role playing outfit
another one that i wanna try but never had is have him sit on a chair holding a glass of water in both hands. make sure the chair is in the middle of the room. then do what you want to him?!! unless he wants to drop the glasses, breaking them and spilling water everywhere, its the same concept as handcuffs but without actual restraining and stuff
otherwise, just try to use different techniques while youre giving him a blowjob. more tongue, less tongue, slight teeth if he’ll allow it!
hope this helps and if you need more advice dont hesitate to ask!:3

leaving this here for kitten to see at some point oooo :3

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Your blog is quality gurl.

aw ur so cute!! ily



Energy to dance? To rave?


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Shhhhh. Keep sleeping.

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